A love letter.

February 13, 2014

"...Your smile, laughter, the calming harp your heart plays for me on days I can hardly pray.  I've been told God works through your surroundings those days you may not be able to find Him inside.  My struggles are lessened beside you, darling.  Your beauty is an ever-growing trace of His presence in my life.  My eyes are beginning to see the intangible promises that always eluded me until more recently.  

I thank you for your kind words from this morning.  For some reason they have catapulted me into bliss and all the accompanying things naturally found in Heaven I would think.  You said 'I love you," as your eyes bathed the string of the ceiling fan chopping streams.  Your lips curled to the side for a short moment as iris, dilated, made direct contact with my sleepy lips mumbling one thousand words about nothing other than, 'I love you, too, darling."

Grace finds you in times I forget such things can be possessed.  Infatuations binds me to breaking such ways in which creation can simply guide my heart for the remainder of that said day.  Sometimes we just forget to look for it.  I'm glad I didn't have to search this time.

You are a graceful creature of God and I am grateful for every moment we share, for I believe it brings us both closer to God.

I love you dearly.

R. Gaiser III


Missing my valentine.