Tribulation in testing my faith.

March 20, 2013

Letter from Rich, September 22nd, 2012

This is not the first time, nor an unusual feeling, I've wanted to just open up and expose my insides out.  You are the first person that has been able, or caused, me to feel in such a way.  I know now what genuinely pulled me in to you was a God-conscious thing of perfection in timing, the tribulation in testing my faith and capability of living God's will.  The only other pull at heart that was as monumental, or a bit more I should say, was meeting God some years back. 

I don't express gratitude I have for God to gain attention nor to appease anyone's wishful thinking.  There just seems to be a bettering reason of giving and ultimately receiving without reservation.  This applies to the reason behind me, silenced by my infatuation, not necessarily with you, but your well-being.  I've accepted that I may not always be blessed with your love, or from many others, and I've accepted the fact that I can't avoid the stream of life.  I can't force peace or love for me upon anyone else.  That is where my responsibility for another's well-being ends.  I can only pray and take action by becoming a more rigorous man by moralistic displays of affection.

I wish you nothing other than a mind at ease, a heart at peace, and the same infatuation with God's delicate stream waving and washing us clean.

'There is nothing more beautiful than how the crested wave kisses the shore and continues to come back for more.'

I love you,

Rich Gaiser III