"If only I could text him...I would tell him I was shaving my legs for him."

March 1, 2013

Because Fridays have turned into my least favorite day, I decided it was time to put something positive in it. 

One of my greatest friends on this Earth (hey Ashley!), is a middle school counselor at a Title 1 school nearby.  She has encouraged me to get more involved with the students and activities there, as an outlet, to pour myself into other kids, and in turn, have them pour into me.  She asked me what day I wanted to mentor and I decided Fridays.  I'd like to try and turn this negative day into a positive one.

So, today I went and met with my new gal on my lunch break.  She's awesome and sweet and smart and broken.  We talked for an hour about things she's been going through and about things I've been going through.  And although her problems are so different than anything that I have ever had to deal with, we were able to bond over the fact that we've both had a hard hand dealt to us lately.  It was so great.  We joked around, we cried (well, she cried, my eyes watered, tomato tomahto) and bonded instantly.  Of course it helps that she is very close to Ashley, and because she trusts Ashley, I think she trusted me pretty quickly as well.  I told her I thought it would be good for us to start meeting on Fridays.  To have something to look forward to.  I told her at least, I knew, it would be good for me.

And speaking of Ashley - tonight we are going to the spa, y'all! 

For Christmas, Richard had gotten me two gift certificates to a spa here.  He said, "you can either use both or you can take someone with you."  I thought that was so sweet and considerate.  I knew immediately that I would take Ashley with me, and he had told me he figured I would have taken her.  Ashley and Richard were friends, too.  I am so glad we are using these gift certificates on a Friday.  I did not even think about that when I set up the appointment, but I am glad it's on a Friday.  Turning another negative into a positive.

Last night, Ash texted and said "Sweet Rich.  If only I could text him, I would tell him in some weird way I am shaving my legs for him."  I can hear his hearty laugh now. :)

Happy Friday, friends.