He was my love. He rescued me.

April 27, 2013

I need to get something out in the open, here.

I am a freak with dates.  And no, before you start jumping to conclusions, I am not talking about the action of boys and girls eating dinner together - though that phrase may qualify regarding those kinds as well...- I mean dates as in the particular month, day and year that something happened.  Dates have always been important to me, specific pieces of time that mark my life.  Probably because I am such a planner and love living by a calendar.

To many people in the state of Alabama, today's date is one that they will forever reflect on because of the 62 tornados that ripped through and ravaged our communities two years ago.  I happened to be in Tuscaloosa facing a brokenhearted community while my family and childhood friends were facing the despair of our hometown in North AL.  Double whammy.  Thank the Lord that I did not lose any loved ones that day.  So many others were not as lucky.

Now this date holds even more significance.  This day, one year ago, I walked into Bender's Gym in Madison and met an adorable, intriguing boy that I would thankfully have the opportunity to get to know and to get to love.  And to be loved by.  I so needed to meet Richard when I did.  I was at the very bottom of my heart, 100% broken and, I would venture to say, depressed.  Depressed over someone that I had been trying to make myself get over for years.  I don't know about you, but I am a firm believer that we never really get over someone until someone else comes along.  Not a rebound, mind you.  Richard was not even the closest resemblance to a rebound.  He was my love.  He rescued me.

I remember leaving my interview with him, feeling light and airy, hoping that I didn't inappropriately flirt.  I will never forget that I got in my car, shut the car door, looked up toward the heavens and said thank you!  I was so thankful that I had the opportunity to interact with a nice, attractive guy.  On the day that I was rock bottom from heartache, God brought me to Richard.  I left Bender's and drove to pick up lots and lots of sushi to take home to satisfy my hunger that had grown over the last few days from not eating as much I should have been.  As I sat and waited on my to-go order, I totally pulled up facebook and started stalking Richard.  (And don't even judge me and act like all y'all don't do the same thing when you meet a cutie.)  At that point I could have never known the integral role he would play in my life and in my faith.  But God did.  He brought us into one another's lives for so many reasons.  I am eternally grateful for it all.  I miss that boy so much.  I am sure that I will never stop missing him, but I am hopeful that the sadness will subside and I will only be left with the good, the love and the lessons I learned from him.  He was a whirlwind in my life for the short time he was there, but I wouldn't change a thing.  April 27th will forever be a day that has forever changed me.

PS - according to the shelter I adopted George from, April 27th is also George's birthday!  HAPPY BIRTHDAY GEORGE!!!