God makes no mistakes, friends.

March 13, 2013

I am not sure that we are all aware of how intricate the works of God are, specifically his works in our lives.  I think, often, about how the Lord has had a hand in my life throughout many of my experiences.  I remember a little over a year ago, when my current job position came open, thinking how I had been feeling a pull to move back home.  At the time it was for reasons that are completely different now, but nonetheless I believe the Lord planted that need in my heart.  He did not allow me to have that job that I really wanted in Nashville a few months before; he was saving my current job for me.  And to think if I had moved to Nashville, I would not have moved home to Athens/Huntsville at the time I did, I would not have met Richard, I would not have obtained relationships with some of my closest friends now, etc.  I love to acknowledge these instances and remember that God always has a perfect plan in mind for us, and often it is nothing like what we pictured for ourselves.  It always works though, doesn't it?

But today, as I sit in awe of how grateful I am for my dog - grateful for his constant excitement to see me, his love of comforting me and his absolute awesome skills at snuggling - I can't help but believe that {of course} the Lord had a hand in my getting him.  I know I've talked about this before (here ), but I've begun looking at it even more intricately.  Sometimes it's hard to explain and I feel like I just ramble and make little sense, but I feel that one of the reasons I met Richard is so that I would get George.  I do not think I would have ever even known that George existed if I had not been at Richard's apartment that day.  And I love Richard for encouraging me to get him, too (probably because he really wanted a puppy without having to actually own it!), and for going with me every weekend to look at him.  I literally had no terms for getting that dog except that I just felt drawn to him.  To me it is as though the Lord knew that this man He blessed me with, would soon be gone from my world - this man that showed me such unconditional love would have to go, so He prepared me with another one that would show me unconditional love as well.  No, a puppy is not quite the same as a boyfriend, but oh how much do they love us!

AND WHAT'S EVEN COOLER - is that, according to the shelter that George came from {and according to the vet}, George was born the same month that Richard and I first met.  George was 6 months old when I got him; Richard and I had been dating for 6 months when he died.  I have no idea what those connections mean, if they mean anything at all, but I surely love to think about stuff like that.

I propose we all take a moment to review our lives and see the way God has intervened.  Big and small.  Everything and everyone happens along for a reason.  I truly believe that people come in and out of our lives for seasons and reasons.  A lot of times we don't even know what the reasons really are until much later.  They come in to teach us things and to touch our lives, if even just in the smallest ways.  We must try and see each person as a blessing, even if our time together has not always been good. 

God makes no mistakes, friends. 

And we know that in all things God works for the good of those who love him, who have been called according to his purpose. 

Romans 8:28