I just find myself constantly praying.

October 13, 2013

It's true that once Jesus enters your heart, you are never the same again.  Your perspective is never the same, your thoughts are never the same, your desires are never the same.  It is not because you have changed yourself; it is because the Lord has changed you.  The Holy Spirit has crept into your soul and now constantly works through you.

He is working through us at work, at home, out with friends, driving in the car.  Constantly.  Constantly are we to walk through this world loving like Jesus loved.  We are not just to love like Jesus on Sundays, or on Wednesday nights, or when we are hanging out with our "Christian" friends.  Always.  Every moment is a moment to minister.  To love others the way the Lord loves us.

I know these things to be facts; I have felt them strongly since my walk with God started my sophomore years of college, and the strongest of all in the past year of my life.  I find myself praying for people more than I ever have before.  Not just people I know, but strangers...random people walking down the street.  I find myself praying for the exhausted mom and her screaming toddler, instead of immediately getting annoyed.  I find myself praying for the homeless man pushing his shopping cart down the side of the street.

I just find myself constantly praying.

Constantly communicating with God.  Telling him ALL THE TIME how I feel about certain things.  Even though I know the Lord is constantly with us and knows our thoughts before we even think them, I believe He likes to hear from us.  Just as any other person we have a relationship with likes to hear from us, so does God.  I find such peace in these thoughts.

I wonder if many of you want to know why I talk and write about God so much.  I realize that not everyone may have as strong of a relationship with Jesus as I feel like I do, and that it may seem confusing or bizarre that it is all I want to blog about.  The Lord has a grip on me that is so tight and so comforting that it's all I want to talk about.  I love to talk about how I see Him working in my life and how he is working in the lives of the ones I love.  I love to try to explain how, last year, when I was facing one of the hardest decisions I had ever faced, He was the only one that I wanted to talk to.  I found myself clinging to Him through prayer and journaling, begging for Him to show me what to do.  And He did.  It was not easy, but it was so worth it.  It was worth everything I've been through in the past year.  I love to look back on my life and see how his hand was intervening, pushing me this way and that way.  I feel an unexplainable peace when I think of all He's done for me.  And I hope you will, too, if you're not there yet.

When Jesus enters your heart, you're never, ever the same.  The Holy Spirit is supernatural and supernatural things begin to happen.

It's freaking cool.