Happy 10 months being with your creator.

November 10, 2013

"'In the midst of chaos, order can easily be found when love is at the forefront, for that is how God created life: through love, in return to be loved.'


There is so much I'd like to write in hopes to give you a better idea of where my heart lies, but I don't want to draw on what's to come.  My world has been a whirlwind of great and tragic events, both holding their own weight for all the right reasons, I'm sure.  God has been casting shadows for me on the heated, dry days trekking the desert lessening the misery that once occupied my mind and heart.  And today He casts rays for the cloudier days until balance can weigh in.  The storm is almost over and peace will be found.  You have been a true inspiration by displaying your gratitude amongst the evils that plague our/any destined fortune of serene thinking and sound worship.  Your aptitude for love is phenomenally gracious and it makes my heart swell.  In times of humbling myself, God has placed a gentle hand on me to calm my spirit.  Sometimes I believe He introduced me to you for this reason alone.  Love first, then growth through action, followed by helping the next suffering.  The puzzle is pieced together by the eager need for love and practicing such."

- letter from Rich Gaiser, September 2012

And tonight my own heart is swelling with gratitude, sorrows, hope and trust in God's will.  Tomorrow is 10 months.  Happy 10 months being with your creator, Richard.