A last love letter.

January 10, 2014

For the last few days my head has been clear as ever and my heart beating me to sleep. That demonstrative thud that reminds me I'm full of love, not the hate that once flooded veins. 

I thank God for this as well as each breath that vacates my lungs. The crisp transformation of oxygen to vein to aortic tendency, God's delicate release. 

I hope you've found peace amongst chaotic times. These days have proven fortunate, the revealing thoughts I used to ask God for as a kid. When I was 9 I recall praying to Him every night for life to make sense. I was curious and wildly infatuated with the consistency of an answer, rather than asking the right questions. As of lately I've been so tied up with questions instead of allowing God to answer. 

Humility has brought me to my knees...and I love every bit of it. I love every bit of God. I love every bit of you. And luckily, today, I'm not playing for keeps. 

Each second I pray in hopes to fully turn over my shortcomings so I can be a device God uses to do his work. I hope he includes you in my journey. 

I love you. 

-R. Gaiser III

September 21st, 2012


Richard's words are so loud, so clear tonight. It's as if I can hear him reading them to me. Wise and precious words to live by and to forever cherish.