Dave Says


November 6, 2014

Holy Hannah.  I'm ooey-gooey, gushing with emotion right now.  I'm excited and in awe and encouraged and astounded all in the same moment.

As of today, my $1,000 emergency fund is fully funded!  It took me six weeks..  SIX WEEKS.  I for real thought it was going to take six months to get this thing funded.  Shall we reminisce back to when I started this journey and had ZERO dollars in my emergency fund?  And zero extra dollars in my bank account.  Whew!  We can reminisce about this but not for long.  Those times will be there to remind us where we were and show us how far we've come, but that is all.

So, as of today, I have officially finished BABY STEP 1.  Wahoooooo!  I am currently doing a happy-baby-step-1-finished dance as I type this.  When I walked out of my first Financial Peace class, I was overwhelmed to say the least.  I had no idea how all the chips were going to fall into place.  But God's plan is bigger and more organized than my own and for that I am always, ALWAYS grateful.

And speaking of God - let's be real here - this whole thing is so God ordained I don't even know what to do with myself half of the time.  Six weeks ago I sat across the table from Loni as she told me that the money would come.  To trust, believe and pray and the money would come.  And come it did!  Let's look at some dates and details:

  • October 1 - $90 in the fund
  • October 8 - $342 in the fund
  • October 10 - $534
  • October 22 - $613
  • October 24 - $775
  • October 31 - $979
  • November 6 - $1,000

The money that built this emergency fund is money that I've been receiving all along from work travel and fitness paychecks (that I've never EVER saved before), but prayer and encouragement turned it into a new kind of magic for me.  All it took was a little re-organizing of my typical monthly paycheck to turn this thing around.  

So, HERE WE GO.  Baby Step 2 is up.  Remember what it is? It's time to run at this debt, with gazelle intensity, like my life depends on it.  Because, guess what...

It does.



(PS - I have so much more to say.  Things about God sending me an accountability partner that also happens to be an insurance GURU, specifically a guru with the agency I currently have my insurance through, and how I was able to pay George's vet bill with cash, in full, for the first time ever, and how if you are feeling motivated by this progress at all then you should follow that motivation and seek out a class and I'm so grateful for all you beautiful people's encouragement...but I'll save all of that for another post because my emotions have officially exhausted me, and if you're exhausted now too, just know that this is how all of mine and Loni's meetings go, just basically us gushing with one another...it's the best, kbye.)