My adulthood is being questioned.

October 28th, 2014

It's been a hot second since I've blogged for all of you beautiful people, I know.  It's because I've been trying to figure out what, in the name of all things holy, I'm doing.

The last two lessons have been big and ugly.  At least to me.  Last week we talked about insurance.  Health insurance, life insurance, auto insurance, renter's insurance.  This week we talked about retirement plans and saving for your kids' college.   Dave's up there preaching on how much liability you should carry and how much of your income should be going into your retirement fund and investing in mutual funds and I'm over here like, "I have $775 in my emergency fund!  And I sold some stuff on Facebook!  Party time!"

Dave Ramsey is making me question my adulthood.  

So last week I come home all fired up (and thoroughly confused) about insurance.  And I'm like YEA I'm gonna sit down and figure out what exactly my health insurance covers and what  exactly my auto insurance covers and I'm going to study my policy and KNOW WHAT IS GOING ON!  Being the savvy tech-er that I am, I created a new account on my health insurance carrier's website and began studying my policy.  As I was going over the paperwork, trying really hard to keep my eyes from crossing, I went to pull out my health insurance card only to find it NOT IN MY WALLET.  Say what?  I'd freaking lost my insurance card.  Now I am really not one to lose things as important as that (socks, yes; pairs of shoes, maybe; insurance cards, no!), but apparently my card got up and flew the coop.  I have no clue where it could have gone.  Luckily, thanks to my new handy-dandy account I had just created, I was able to order a new one and it receive it in two seconds (days) flat.  Whew!  #responsible

I am at the end of my first month with the new budget and way of life.  I'm stretching every dollar I've got left, pushing myself to see how far I can take it.  Truth be told, I still feel like I'm in an experiment, and as soon as this class is over I'll fall back into my old ways.  Of course I know this isn't the case.  I know I haven't been practicing these techniques long enough for them to really feel normal yet.  I haven't quite come to the realization that I will now always be a girl that returns salad if needed.  

That's right...last week I returned two bags of salad that ended up being unnecessary for a dinner I went to.  The old Katie (rewind to about a month ago), would have just let someone else take the salad home or would have stored it in my fridge with the dreamy idea that she may actually eat it as it wilted away.  The new Katie says "Nope!  Snap out of it, you won't eat it, take it back."  And alas, I did.  Eight bucks back in my pocket, y'all.  

But first things, first.  I can't even do all of the things I need to be doing when it comes to retirement funds and Roth IRAs until I get through my first baby step.  And while it's a little confusing and mind-blowing at times, I know I'll get the hang of it eventually.  

A big lesson I am learning is that adulthood can be hard and tricky.  But using "I'm just not good with things like this" (insurance policies, budgeting, understanding mutual funds, etc) isn't going to cut it.  It's time for me to (wo)man up and figure it out.

(Jesus, take the wheel.)