Things I never thought I'd do. (A themed post)

February 9, 2015

As I'm moving and grooving and paying off debt at an excitingly quick pace, I've been reflecting on some things that I've done since I started my  Financial Peace University journey that I'd never thought I'd so.

So, for you, a list.  (Side note: I hate blog posts with lists, but that's neither here nor there.)

1. Return a bag of salad.  One time, I bought salad for a pot luck dinner with my small group.  It was the Caesar salad kit in a bag type of salad because I AM SUCH A BETTY CROCKER, and we ended up not needing it.  So I promptly took it back the next day and, heck yea, got my money back.  Typically I would have just given it away (because let's be real...I wasn't going to eat it on my own.)

2. Go 4 months (and counting) without buying a piece of clothing.  Seriously.  Look, don't judge me.  I am currently throwing all my monies at my Ann Taylor Loft credit card.  I'm not going to tell you the balance that was on it.  It was stupid.  I've learned my lesson.  Stop judging me.

3. Use my tax refund to pay off debt.  Please, usually that money is going to ALL THE CLOTHES AT ANN TAYLOR LOFT.  Or to a new phone.  Or maybe it will go in my savings account only to disappear slowly for ALL THE CLOTHES AT ANN TAYLOR LOFT. But not today, debt!  You're getting punched in the face.  (Confession: I totally tried to get Loni to let me at least use half of it to go toward my new computer.  She just looked at me and I KNEW that was a "no."  So thankful for a strict coach.)

4. Spend all my free time babysitting.  I was actually not one of those girls that babysat through high school and college.  (If I've already committed to babysitting your kids, no worries - I DO have experience!).  But now, I'm all like GIVE ME YOUR KIDS!  And I don't know why I've waiting so long, because kids are hysterical and super entertaining.  They do things like: think you weigh less than 100 lbs, encourage you to wear glitter foil tattoos before 8:30 AM, tell you new facts about horses while eating breakfast, not judge you for wanting to watch The Disney Channel with you, and, most importantly, think you're really cool even when you aren't.  It's the best. 

5. Actually save my money for something I want to buy.  Like a computer.  See what I'm talking about here.

6. Actually know where my money is going and exactly how much I have in my account at all times.  These things happen when you have a budget and stick to it.  

7. Pay $1,100 (and counting) toward ONE credit card in ONE month alone.  I am working the debt snowball method and am flying after my second debt already.  Because of the new budget I adopted, I am able to live off of my monthly income and reallocate any extra funds I get to go toward debt.  This month in particular I will receive approximately $200 for teaching fitness classes, $500 in reimbursements for travel and out-of-town accommodations for work, and $400 in tax refunds.  Resulting in AT LEAST $1,100 going toward that credit card.  Blows my mind.  Never in my life would I have thought I would be able to throw that much "extra" money at something.


If any of these Financial Peace Project posts inspire you to make a change, PLEASE, find a class near you.  Do what Dave says and watch the magic happen.  Your life will change.  But you have to let it  

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