Who needs a babysitter?!

February 3, 2015

Y'all, February is here and I couldn't be more excited.  My budgeting cap is back on and I'm happy to be back in a routine.  January was a hard month for several reasons.

1) It's January.  Like the worst month there is.  (No offense to any January lovers).  It's cold and grey and we're coming off of a high from the holidays.  And it's long.  

2) Because we just spent 6 weeks during the holidays, doing holiday things, etc, I had taken a little break from my gazelle-running debt-dumping, so that I could buy Christmas presents for my family and be in the holiday spirit.  So getting back to hitting the pavement and chipping away at my debt was a little uncomfortable at first.

3) It's January.

But, this January, while long and grey and cold and still hard, was actually fun because I paid off my first debt!  Once my emergency fund was fully funded and I was able to start throwing any extra money at my first debt, it took approximately 10 weeks to pay off.  It actually could have been paid off 3-4 weeks sooner but SOMEBODY (George the Beagle), got into a pound of chocolate around Christmas and had to go to the emergency vet, and the emergency fund was dipped into.  AND the rule is that your emergency fund should always be fully funded.  If you dip into it then you must halt on throwing all of your extra money toward your debt and throw it back at your fund.  Once it's caught up, you may proceed as normal.

Although dipping into my emergency fund hurt a little, because I had worked so hard to get it together, the feeling of knowing that I had money to use in an emergency outweighed all of the pain.  It was one of the greatest feelings of freedom I've ever experienced.

So here we are in February!  In this month of 2015 I am getting my hair done, paying for my car tag (#expensive), going to the doctor, and getting an oil change.  And, for probably the first time ever, I am able to pay for all of these things with money that is IN MY POSSESSION.  No credit cards being used, etc.  It's the best.

I did have to prepare for this month a little ahead of time though.  I saved some money in December to prep and had some babysitting gigs to help cushion this month; but again, working hard to feel that freedom will always trump not knowing where money is going to come from.

So all of this being said...I am seeking out your children.  Well, not your children exactly because that would be weird...but opportunities to watch your children so that you can have a date night.  Yeah!  My 2010 Macbook is officially biting the dust and I need a new computer stat.  And since all of my extra monies are going toward that pesky credit card debt I have, I need another avenue of extra monies.  SO - if you need a babysitter, let me know because I am lending my services.  

Before FPU I would have found some room on a credit card or taken out (gasp) a personal loan to fund this purchase.  My how times have changed!

PS - I'm sad (actually happy) to report that I am already booked both nights for Valentine's weekend. ;)


Actual screenshot of first debt paid off!

Actual screenshot of first debt paid off!