Reason #45,793 You Need an Emergency Fund: YOUR CAR WILL BE FLOODED

November 3rd, 2015

Reason #45,793 that you need an emergency fund:

You will move your little self and your little life and your little car 12 hours away to a little (BIG) city, where it (apparently) frequently rains a ton (at least lately).  You will move into a fantastic little apartment complex where you get to know the people that live around you and where no one cares (so they say) that your beagle howls at all hours of the day (but not all hours of the night because we are not HEATHENS or NIGHT OWLS and we go to bed at NINE-THIRTY and George is too busy SNORING to howl).  You will love your new city and your new apartment complex and your new neighbors.  The downfall is that your sweet little complex will sit right in the middle of a flood zone.

Ahh, yes.  Your precious street corner will turn into a sweet little river that Noah could sail his ark on.  Your parking lot will turn into a swimming pool for animals and small children.  And while this is all happening, you'll sit in your sweet little apartment all cozy and snug as you drink your coffee on a Saturday morning and commend yourself for choosing not to go to the gym.  Wouldn't want to be stuck out in that, you think.

But then you see it.  The water rising and rising.  The rain falling and falling.  You're the eternal optimist so you think ehhh, I'm sure it's fine.  MY car won't flood (even if everyone else's does) because sometimes you are naive.  Eventually the rain subsides and the flood waters fall away and you make your way to your car.  Then you open the car doors to see half an inch of water pooled in the floorboards.  You grab a bowl and you grab a cup and you begin scooping it out.  You grab some towels and soak up as much as you can.  You wash those towels (because you only have five, you are not running a hotel) and you dry them and you take them back out to your car and soak up some more water.  You think you possibly have the situation under control but then you hear sloshing underneath the carpet of your car and you think ewww.  

You, being the responsible person that you are, take your car to get as much water vacuumed out as you can.  These people with their vacuums tell you the best thing you can do is to let them do a water extraction where they'll take everything out of your car (carpet, seats, all of it) and dry it all out so that you do not get mold.  Nah, just vacuum it out as best as you can says you, the eternal optimist.  You drive away feeling hopeful, but still not really all that dry.

You get in your car the next day and gasp at the smell because IT SMELLS LIKE SEVEN DEAD ANIMALS.  You feel a multitude of things at this point: sadness, frustration, annoyance, smelliness.  So you hang your head in defeat (sort of, not really) and you take it back to the place to get the water extraction done.  You feel sad to part with the money to have this done, but remember that is why it is there.  For emergencies.  And I don't know what screams "EMERGENCY" more than a FLOOD.  But then you will be happy because your car will no longer smell like 7 dead animals and life can move on and you will be thankful to have had that money saved in the first place.

To make a long story (that I already told long...oops) short: it's imperative to have an emergency fund because, at some point, a flood's gonna come your way, too.