December. My little budgeting brain is tired.

December 24th, 2014

Y'all.  December.  A person-trying-to-spend-as-little-money-as-possible's worst nightmare.

I came into December prepared with a pretty gracious budget for Christmas presents and for holiday parties and now...I'm ready for December to be over!  My little budgeting brain is tired.  But - just to be clear - I did NOT fall off the wagon this month! (Not yet at least).  God provided for me this month well more than I needed in order to enjoy this season in all its entirety.  Due to teaching a bajillion fitness classes and generous uncles that contributed to my Christmas fund (hey John!), I was able to get presents for family and friends that I am excited to give and that feel more meaningful than in years past.  Usually at Christmastime I am scrounging around trying to buy presents with what little money I have left over, just selecting items because I can afford them.  

But this year - even though I may have gone a little over-budget (with money to support it), I am more excited for Christmas than ever.  Let me insert here that it's about so much more than the gifts during this time...we all know that.  However, being in control of my money for the past 3 months has set free any feelings of obligation and has opened up space for feelings of excitement.  Excitement to give and shower others with love, whether that be through donations, gifts or baked goods for parties.  I have loved all of it.  

Although I do feel a teensy bit guilty for not throwing some of the extra money (all of the extra money) at my debt, I think the payoff of no stress is worth it.  Sometimes it's okay to take a (small...very small) break from healthy practices to be in the moment.  I am grateful for the opportunity to truly enjoy this holiday season, but will be ready for January so I can hop back on my gazelle and continue full speed ahead.

So whatever it is that you may need to take a small break from this week (assuming it's something you can take a break from), do so with a full heart free of guilt.  Life is too short to pass up on the important moments.

Merry Christmas!