EMBRACE IT: Houston Style 2016

January 3, 2016

I really do love this time of year.  I'm a big believer in fresh starts and changes and new seasons.  I believe these things must exist in order to move forward in any way.  I love the project of reflecting on the year behind me and setting goals for the year before me.  

In 2015 I chose a theme for the year for the very first time.  You may remember it from this little blog post here.  I enjoyed having a theme so much last year, that I decided to do it again.  (Have you considered a theme or word for your year?  If not you toottaalllllllyyyy should.)  Having a theme sets the tone for your year, for your attitude, and for your confidence.  It gives you a context to operate out of.  Last year I constantly had the opportunity to think, "Now Katie...would a thrifty Beyonce do this?" over and over again.  And I mean who doesn't want to consider what Beyonce would do?

I thought my theme was going to be "Good for her; not for me" this year, based on a line from Amy Poehler's book, Yes Please.  She talks about how Maya Rudolph had like a gazillion children via drug-free child birth and how Maya Rudolph was obviously a rock star, but that drug-free child birth was not her own cup of tea.  "Good for her; not for me," she says.  I love this sentence and even though it's not going to be my 2016 theme after all, I am choosing to embrace this mindset in my daily life.  You should, too.  Let's stop comparing ourselves to others in 2016, eh?  Let's focus on what we're good at and what God has called us to do, instead of focusing on everyone else.

Anyway - I've actually narrowed down my theme to two words this year, which is a miracle since I'm like the wordiest person in the room most of the time.  My theme for 2016 will be: 


E M B R A C E   I T.

Yea, I know - it's not as fun or as exciting as "What would a thrifty Beyonce do?" but it's the perfect phrase for this season of new big city life for Katie.  

In 2015, I got to be thrifty, and sell a bunch of things, and pay off a lot of debt (this is still happening though let's be real here), and get really feisty and get certified in BodyPump, and tell a lot of people "no" to things I actually didn't want to do after all.  And then God got all funny and was like oh you wanna be like Beyonce?  Well then let's take you to her hometown and I ended up in Houston.

And I'm so glad.

Now that I'm here and all settled in, it's time to get serious and EMBRACE IT.  I'm ready to take on Houston and Texas and all that it has to offer.  Which can only mean one thing.  A bucket list, of course.  

In 2016 I want to proactively fall in love with this city and all that it has to offer.  

Truthfully I got this idea from my sweet, fabulous friend Kristin who recently came up with a bucket list for the city she lives in.  Such a brilliant idea.  I'm totally stealing it.

So far I have a small little bucket list with a few key things.  But I need your help!  I'm taking suggestions of things to do/see/eat/experience in Houston (and the state of Texas) in the year of 2016.  Bring them on.  I'll make a final list in a few weeks.  I'll have to keep things in consideration like affordability and feasibility, so the more realistic the better.  What else should I add to the list?  

Looking forward to embracing 2016 and all that it has to offer.

EMBRACE IT: Houston Style 2016

  1. Go to the Rodeo
  2. Go to a Texans game
  3. Go to a Dynamo game
  4. Go to a Rockets game
  5. Go to an Astros game (I've been to one but I think I need another)
  6. Houston Zoo
  7. Ride Houston B-Cycles around the city
  8. Go to the State Fair


PS - if you live here or are visiting at any point, you're totally invited to participate. :)