Apparently a {Thrifty} Beyoncé Would Move to Houston.

July 22nd, 2015

You guys.  My brain is in about 57 different places right now and I don't quite know where to start.

So, how about we start here:

Have you ever been approached with an idea and you laughed because it seemed so ridiculously absurd?  That's exactly how I felt when someone approached me about a job in Houston, TX.  "HOUSTON?  Ha!  I'm not moving to Houston."  That's about how my thought process went.

I received an e-mail from a company that I had interacted with earlier this year.  It was a wonderfully kind e-mail informing me of a position with this firm and that someone currently working at the firm had recommended me as a potential candidate.  This company is a search firm and earlier in the year they had been hired by Dave Ramsey's company to fill five sales positions for them.  This precious little someone that recommended me (we will name her Holly.  Because her name is Holly.) had interviewed me, prepped me and presented me to Dave Ramsey's company to be interviewed back in February.  I went through three rounds of interviews, but did not make it to the end.  It was a bummer, but overall a solid experience, going through an intense interview process and learning a ton.  This was definitely one of those experiences that left me so bummed at the end that it had me questioning what the point of it was.  None of it made sense (other than getting some ridiculous interview experience), until...

That one random Friday in June when I received that e-mail.  A tiny little e-mail that would drastically change the trajectory of my life.  I read the e-mail about a position open at the firm (in Houston, TX), laughed, and closed the e-mail.  I didn't think about the e-mail for the rest of the weekend.  Not even when I was sitting in church on Sunday morning, restless and emotional, and felt a nudge that it was time to move.  All of the sudden I felt this sense of urgency that I needed. to. go.  It was so urgent and out of nowhere that I questioned if I was trying to run away from something.  Then I was confused because I have nothing to run away from.  I left church later and still didn't think about that e-mail.

It wasn't until Monday, when I sat down to respond to that e-mail, planning to say, "well, thank you so much, this is so kind, but yea, I'm not moving to Houston, but sure I'd love to see the job description," when everything changed.  All of the sudden I had a pair of fresh eyes, a changed perspective, and an open mind.  And this wasn't the type of changed perspective and open mind that I tried to force myself into, as I often do.  This was beyond me.  So I sat down and responded to the e-mail, now thinking, "sure, why not, Houston?"  

And just like that, the plan that God had for me all along began to unfold in one fluid and easy move.  A phone interview, a Skype interview and a flight out to Houston, and in 2.5 weeks I had a job offer to be a candidate relations associate with Vanderbloemen Search Group in HOUSTON, TEXAS.  It's probably the fastest thing that's ever happened to me.

But, just like when two people decide to marry one another quickly, when you know, you know.  And I knew.  The peace that I have had during this entire process is only one that can come from God.  I know this is what I'm supposed to do.  I know this is the right next step.  And while it is crazy insane and scary and huge, it is right.  PLUS - remember when my theme for 2015 was What Would a {Thrifty} Beyonce Do?   How's THAT for some foreshadowing? (She's from Houston for those of you that may not be up on your Beyonce facts)

So on Saturday, July 25, I will pack up my little car, after selling all of my furniture and giving away trash bags of items, and head west.  And I am so EXCITED for a new adventure and for the opportunity to work for this incredible, uplifting company.  And I am sad.  But I am so blessed to be sad.  How grateful am I that I have such an amazing community to leave behind?  That I have been gifted with amazing support systems in every facet of my life, from the women I teach Zumba to, to my small group, to my friends, and of course my family.  It is not going to be easy to drive away, but it will always be easy to come back.  I am so lucky to have had such wonderful experiences in this chapter.  But now it's time for a new one.

Who's in?