I had his handwriting made into a ring.

April 20, 2014

I had Richard's handwriting made into a ring.  Before you head over here to have an intervention with me about moving on, or ask me multiple questions about where my heart is, let me explain.

This is something I recently decided to do for myself.  Something intimate and sincere and lovely.  It was also something I was going to keep quiet, only telling a few friends, and those that may ask me what the ring means if they notice it.  But, I love it, and the meaning behind it, so much that I am choosing to share.  (Is anyone really surprised here, since I share just about everything with you people?)  It's likely that 97.3% of you will think I am a little loco, and the other 2.7% of you will think it's awesome, and that's only because the 2.7 represents my friends that have to like it no matter what their real thoughts are.

Richard used to address me as "darling."  I would be straight lying to you if I said I loved it from the beginning.  At first I kind of resisted the nickname and scrunched up my nose at it.  I think it was because it is not a word we hear very often anymore, unless it's said by a creepy older man in the gas station or something, you know what I mean?  But it grew on me the more he said.  It grew on me because when he said it he was sincere.  I have many memories of answering the phone to a, "hey darling," and a few letters that began with this word.  It is now become a word that I adore.  I believe it to be romantic and old-fashioned and embodying true emotion.

This word has officially become a reminder, a symbol and token of the transformation that happened in my heart when God placed sweet Richard in my life.  It was a time of struggle, beauty, hope and redemption.  It was a time that has shaped me into who I am now and will forever be a part of my story.  It is a poetic, one-word summary of it all.

A synonym for the word "darling" is beloved.  When I hear that word I think of the Lord and how He is constantly calling out to us,Beloved, look to me when you're troubled.  I'm the only one you need.

I was Richard's darling and he was placed before me by God.  He was placed here to show me a glimpse of what a genuine Christ-like love looked like.   I was his darling and he was the Lord's darling and we are all His darlings.  It's really quite romantic isn't it?

I am fortunate to have many handwritten letters from this darling of mine.  I am fortunate to have found someone on Etsy (dear Etsy, I love you forever and ever amen) that can take a loved one's handwriting and turn it into a piece of jewelry.  I hit the jackpot with this one.

Now I not only carry my story in my heart but on one of my fingers as well.  When people ask about it I can tell them how God worked in my life through a beautiful mess.  Through a boy that called me darling and reminded me that I am a darling daughter of Christ.  It's perfect.