Harris Home for Children: One is all it takes.

May 29, 2014


I moved to Huntsville a little over a year ago. As I began to get my feet wet in the community, opening my eyes and ears for various ways to serve, I found myself in awe of all this city has to offer.

There are countless nonprofit, social service, do-gooder organizations in this small, but big city. I was overwhelmed! I tried out a few tutoring gigs at some after school programs. Those were great, but I had a hard time showing up consistently which hindered building relationships with the kids. I thought about serving at a soup kitchen or venturing down to “Tent City,” the well-known homeless community in our area. I thought about volunteering at an animal shelter, but that wouldn’t work since I’d probably try to take all the animals home. Nothing seemed to fit.

Though I was eager to find my place, I tried to be patient because I knew one would fit.

One was all it took.


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