Why Sadie Robertson and Kylie Jenner are Both Welcome in the Gospel.

I only got about half-way through the Sadie Robertson vs. Kylie Jenner article last week before I wanted to stop reading.

I’ll be honest. I am not a person to get immediately fired up over an issue. I am a fence rider to the core. I like to sit back, hear both sides of the story, process the information, and then form my opinion. I really won’t speak out about something until I feel that I am fairly educated on the subject. However, every now and then, there are some times when an issue takes the internet by storm and I find myself reacting more instantaneously.

Enter the latest viral article blowing up my social media newsfeed: When Kylie Jenner Challenged Sadie  Her Response Was Brutally Honest. Upon initial reading of this article, via Facebook, I immediately noticed it was extremely one-sided and also pretty cruel toward Kylie Jenner. In fact, I don’t think I even got to the third point before I decided to stop reading altogether, believing an article this biased wouldn’t get many hits at all. It wasn’t until the next morning when one of my friends began a conversation about it that I realized this article may be bigger than I thought.


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Addiction and Sanctification: It's About Progress, Not Perfection.

As a person who once fell in love with an alcoholic, addiction holds a sensitive and heavy place in my heart. I often wonder what works for recovery and what’s just a quick fix. I wonder, for people who struggle with addiction, what their triggers are. What is it that launches them into a cycle of using?

Then I hear addiction stories like Mike’s, and I get it.


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What my boyfriend's death taught me about seasons of love.

October 15, 2014


We dated for six whole months. Excitement and happiness would flood my heart when thoughts like “Oh, this could definitely work,” or “I could see myself marrying this man” entered my mind. But somehow, I knew it would not be permanent. I had a gut feeling, several nudges, and a few signs to tell me it wouldn’t be forever, but it was difficult to argue with intuition.

A pretty quiet, but ironically loud, nudge came one October night. I was beginning to settle into sleep, thinking how great things had been going with him and how I could definitely see myself marrying him, I had a vivid thought: “You will not marry this man.”

It was clear enough to cause my eyes to pop open. It was a thought in MY head but I swore I was not the one it came from.  I lay very still and began to silently argue. What? What do you mean? But I love him and I can see myself with him. Eventually I gave up arguing with myself and drifted into sleep.


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#Single in the land of twentysomethings.

August 26, 2014

Lace. Floral arrangements. Caterers. Taffeta. Diamonds. Venues. Showers. Registries.

I’m not engaged, nor am I a wedding planner. I’m just a twenty-something gal with lots of soon-to-be wed friends. Seriously, all (ALL) of my best friends are married, engaged, or in serious relationships. But it’s all good because I’m in a relationship, too. With my dog.


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Harris Home for Children: One is all it takes.

May 29, 2014


I moved to Huntsville a little over a year ago. As I began to get my feet wet in the community, opening my eyes and ears for various ways to serve, I found myself in awe of all this city has to offer.

There are countless nonprofit, social service, do-gooder organizations in this small, but big city. I was overwhelmed! I tried out a few tutoring gigs at some after school programs. Those were great, but I had a hard time showing up consistently which hindered building relationships with the kids. I thought about serving at a soup kitchen or venturing down to “Tent City,” the well-known homeless community in our area. I thought about volunteering at an animal shelter, but that wouldn’t work since I’d probably try to take all the animals home. Nothing seemed to fit.

Though I was eager to find my place, I tried to be patient because I knew one would fit.

One was all it took.


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Following Jesus is hard.

April 4, 2014


Following Jesus is hard.

Being a Christian and choosing to do the right thing is hard.

Trying to see others how Jesus sees them is hard.

Sometimes, I want to sit back and gossip without conviction.  Sometimes, I want to judge another person without considering where they came from or what their life has been like.  Sometimes, I just want to bad mouth that girl because she “stole” the guy I like (or uh…he just happened to like her more). Sometimes, I think doing all of those things will make me feel better about myself.


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The dating game.

January 27, 2014

"It is exactly how it sounds.  A game.

Hi, my name is Katie and I am no good at the “dating game.”

It’s not because I’m a rebel at heart or a habitual rule breaker; I just think the games are ridiculous.

I get caught up in the excitement of meeting someone that I connect with; someone that I have a lot in common with.  I’ve been known to ask a boy to get coffee first, often being too bold for my own good.  Why can’t I ask a boy to coffee?  What do I have to lose?  It’s just coffee.

This is my consistent thought process.

Oh and playing hard to get…ha!  I don’t even know what that means.  Why would I want to be “hard to get” for a guy I like, that in return likes me?"

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Issues with Santa.

December 4, 2013

"I live in the cutest, quaintest downtown area.  I have the awesome privilege of walking my dog every day, up and down streets sprinkled with beautiful homes, historical markers, and lovely churches that chime melodious tunes.  I live a block away from a neat landmark that festively turns into something we call, “Santa’s Village,” during the holidays.  This area transforms from colonial to colorful almost overnight.  At night Christmas lights are proudly displayed, draped from merely every building, and precious holiday songs can be heard down the street.  Normally all of this would make my little heart so happy.

However this year it makes my skin crawl a bit.  I’ve got issues with Santa, y’all."

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Thankful in all circumstances.

November 27, 2013

"This time last year I was anxiously awaiting Thanksgiving…anxiously awaiting it to pass.  This is because a mere six weeks before, I had been hit with the cold, hard truth that the boy I had recently fallen in love with struggled with alcoholism.  The boy I had recently fallen in love with had broken down all the barriers of things I thought I knew about alcoholics, about the disease itself.  I caught a new glimpse of this group of people that struggled immensely with ideas, thoughts and daydreams about a substance that I could pick up, and put down, at any time.  I anxiously awaited Thanksgiving day to come and go because I began to realize how difficult of a day it might be for my beautiful boy.  How difficult it may be for many of his friends that struggled with the same demons."

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Why I write.

November 4, 2013

First ever published post.  Thank you to Shattered Magazine for the opportunity to write for them!

"The truth is that I never would have been sitting here, writing this blog post, if my boyfriend was still alive.  It was the absolute sudden and tragic death of my sweet boyfriend that got me to this point of writing that I am at today.  It was dealing with the loss of him and sifting through my feelings of grief that led me to begin blogging in the first place.  His name was Richard and he was a fantastic writer.  He had a delicate way with words that could make you swoon at the drop of a hat.  Because of his love for writing, I decided to work through my grieving process via the written word, honoring him and aspiring to communicate hope to others, while also being raw and real."


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