As you may have already figured out – I kind of geek out over budgeting. I can often be found walking around saying things like, “if you don’t tell your money where to go someone else will!...Like Target. Or Amazon. Or Chipotle.” 

Oftentimes the hardest part about getting started with a budget is simply just getting started. Whether you've got a budget and just need an extra set of eyes on it, or aren't even sure where to begin - I got you.

Schedule a time below for a phone call (or an in-person session if you're in the Houston area) that works best for your schedule. Know that we'll have to get a little personal here as I'll need to see your numbers (i.e. your bills, how much you get paid, your debt if you have any), but all information shared with me will remain 100% confidential. I understand how vulnerable this space is.

Because I have a full time job that I absolutely love, this is a side gig for me. My time slots are limited to weeknights and weekends, and hopefully we can find a time that works best for you! 

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