How Whole30 is going to help me save money

How Whole30 is going to help me sav emoney.jpg

March 25, 2018

It's March which means, here in Houston, it's been what we like to call "Rodeo season." The Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo is a 3 week event that includes a carnival, an actual rodeo, a concert, a livestock show, and so much more every single day. It is, hands down, my favorite Texas time of year. 

Along with the Rodeo comes really great and fattening food. Corn dogs, bacon-wrapped sausages on sticks, fried brisket balls, fries, fried Oreos, fried cookie dough, fried, fried, fried, etc etc etc. Since it's my favorite Texas time, and only happens once a year, I allow myself to indulge a bit more than I normally would and eat all the things.

But Rodeo is now officially over and to kick off Spring I'm doing a Whole30 to give my fried body a reset. I love Whole30 because it's a great opportunity to not only feel better overall, but also to realign my relationship with food.

Whole30 not only helps me keep my food cravings in check, but it actually also helps me stay on budget. This may seem contradictory as we often associate Whole30 - or eating healthy in general - with spending more money. But actually, I've found the opposite and that I actually do better with my food budget instead. Here's why:

1. It eliminates the impulse buying - When I am following a reset program such as Whole30, I am obviously only able to buy items that are compliant with said program. Because of this, I go in with a very specific shopping list and do not stray from it. This cuts out that $11 frozen pizza, $3 chocolate bar, and $3 bag of chips I am so often inclined to throw in my buggy as I push it through Sprouts. I walk out only with what I need without spending an extra $17. It's a win-win. A win for my wallet and a win for my waistline. ;)

2. It eliminates the decision - Again, since Whole30 is a pretty specific program with hard and fast guidelines, it makes the decision about whether or not to eat out for lunch or dinner pretty simple, the answer typically being no. While there are certainly restaurants out there that serve Whole30-compliant meals, I am more likely to simply avoid eating out to avoid the possibility of being tempted by something I cannot have (I'm looking at you Chick-fil-a chicken strips). And voila - more money in my pocket. 

When you take control of one aspect of your life, it makes taking control of the others so much easier. Doing the Whole30 in the month of April will not only help me reset my relationship with food - i.e. looking at food for sustenance and intentional enjoyment vs. emotional eating to fill a void or out of boredom - but it will also help me continue to reflect on my relationship with money. Food and money are so closely related and we often don't realize it until we gain control of one of them. When you put a grocery budget into action for the first time you will likely notice how often you spent money on food you didn't actually need or want. Taking control of one will definitely help keep the other in check.

So here's to April and resetting my budget and my digestive system. It's the perfect time to do a little Spring cleaning just in time for Summer, and I'd love to have you join me if you're interested! Below you'll find a free guide on how to do Whole30 for $75 a week or less (just click the picture). AND if you want a little more support, we've got an accountability group set up to conquer the April Whole30. Join us here!