7 commonly forgotten budget items in November

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October 30, 2018

Y’all, holiday season is AMONG US. (I know, I know - it isn’t even Halloween yet…but it is tomorrow soooo close enough?)

Holiday season can be one of the very tip top stressors for someone that’s trying to adult and stay on budget…unless you remember to budget for all the things that go along with it.

Here are 7 of the most commonly forgotten budget items for November:

Christmas budget - Unless you followed the whole Christmas in July idea I pitched earlier this year, chances are you’ve still got some Christmas gifts to purchase. Don’t forget to allot some money for gifts in November so you’re not stretched too thinly in December. (PS - need a gift guide for inexpensive gifts? I’ve got you covered.)

SALES - Speaking of Christmas gifts…don’t forget about massive holiday sales like Black Friday, (Nov 23), Small Business Saturday (Nov 24), and Cyber Monday (Nov 26). These are always a killer way to buy score some great gifts for great deals.

Holiday travel - When it comes to holiday travel I always remember to budget in the actual flight or gas money, care arrangements for my pets, and a little spending money for road/airport snacks. But if I’m flying I ALWAYS forget to budget for parking at the airport. Make a list and check it twice for what you’ll feasibly need to get you from point A to point B this holiday season.

Christmas cards - I don’t actually send Christmas cards but I need you guys to remember to put them into YOUR budget because nothing makes me happier than receiving all the cards of my friends and their families. :) So don’t forget, okay? (ALSO - if you need inspiration…one of my favorite roommate Christmas cards ever ever ever. You’re welcome.)

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Holiday food - Go ahead and take a look at your calendar and add a bit of money to your grocery budget for the months of November and December because chances are you’ve got 37 potlucks to attend and your grandma’s famous mac and cheese isn’t going to make (or pay for) itself.

Warm clothing - Maybe you’re better at curating your winter wardrobe than I am, but practically every fall/winter season I take a look at my closet and wonder what the heck I wore the year before. Set aside a little money to buy a sweater or two to keep you warm and happy.

Giving - And of course - the biggest theme of the holiday season - charitable giving. The entire reason we’re all striving to get out of debt and into financial freedom is so we can live and give like no one else. Set aside a little money to give to your favorite charitable organization as a reminder and motivation for what your long end goal is. Need some ideas? Hope International or Charity Water are a couple to consider.

What did I miss? Any other line items your adding to your budgets for November?

(PS - Need a budget but aren’t even sure where to start? Click below for my FREE budget template that’s helped me paid off thousands of dollars of debt.)